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Visualize like never before with XR, reliable backend with blockchain and intelligence embedded by default

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Built for speed and ease of use.

Ever heard of an infinite loop? Like having to learn how to use a training tool inorder to get trained on something else - Deeploop has engulfed this vicious circle and came up with LoopXR, a training platform which lets us spend our valuable time on what you need without wasting it on prerequisites.

Need a database? Focus on the content rather than fundamentals like reliability and speed. We have it covered. You can focus on your product's business logic and let us worry about stability and security.

Our solutions are built for people who just want to get things done.



Loop XR

An XR collaboration tool for industrial training. Developed for VR,Web


Track n Trace

A supply chain management platform with smart analytics and blockchain based military grade reliability


Loop Xperience

See Experience architecture with the best of NextGen Technologies. Runs flawlessly on VR,Web based devices.


Loop IQ

Smart and Realtime analytics and predictions for retail businesses.




Chief Executive Officer

Surya Prakash Kuchimanchi


Chief Technical Officer

Chandradhar Cherukuvada