Our Solutions offer

Safety: A fusion of VR and AR that enables risk-free training in simulated environments. Workers can practice operating machinery, handle emergencies, and respond to hazardous scenarios without real-world consequences

Cost-Effectiveness: Training solutions that eliminate the need for physical materials, logistics, and travel, resulting in an efficient and cost-saving solution

Efficiency: Training modules that adapt swiftly to changes in processes, equipment, or safety protocols, saving time and resources in the long run

Engagement: VR/AR training modules that boost learner engagement, improve retention rates, and create enjoyable, immersive experiences

Real-Time Feedback: Seamless integration with AI and IoT that provides real-time analytics and feedback, enabling continuous monitoring, personalization & improvement in training programs

Deployed Solutions

Integrated IoT/AI Simulations

Our AI-driven solutions customize simulations, provide auto-feedback, performs real-time monitoring, and gives actionable insights for personalized & highly efficient learning experiences.

Operations [Bike Assembly]

Our solutions encode complex operations (assembly, floor operations, emergency responses etc) in a fully collaborative & Immersive environments that are fully engaging, safe and cost effective.

Process WalkThrough

For industries with intricate processes (e.g.,manufacturing, automotive etc), our solutions provide detailed visualization and walkthroughs with information overlaid at each key educational point.

Plant Familiarization

For organizations with complex floor plans and hazardous ecosystems, we provide solutions for detailed walkthroughs and educational/training sessions in safety response programs.

Procedures Training

Our AR/VR based solutions offer intuitive and personalized training programs on numerous medical procedures with step-by-step guidance and virtual practice of each of these complex procedures.

Product Training

Our solutions provided multiple benefits such as Building virtual sales training programs, and In connecting potential customers with remote sales experts and showcasing products in real-time.

Why Deeploop Metaverse


Experienced executives adept at blending cutting-edge technologies (AI/ML, OpenCV, IoT, VR, AR, MR,Blockchain) to create large-scale, intelligent, and robust solutions.

Astute & technically savvy, highly innovative, entrepreneurial and results-oriented executives. Well-versed at blending merging technologies (AI/ML, OpenCV, IoT, VR, AR, MR, BlockChain) and developing large-scale innovative, intelligent and highly robust solutions.

Deeploop Relationships

We are pioneers in Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR), AI, and IoT technologies based solutions that offer fully immersive, real-time interactive, and collaborative experiences. Our cutting-edge solutions drive scalable, sustainable, client-centric solutions. By engaging with customers across their value chain, we design, build, operate, and maintain products and services that elevate them to industry leadership.









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