The Deeploop Team has been a pioneer in creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based Interactive and Collaborative Solutions. We are a Front-runner in cutting-edge Technologies and provide Client-centric solutions and solid delivery maintaining balanced costs. We engage with Customers across their value chain helping to Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain the Products and Services that make them Leaders and Respected Brands in their Industries and Markets.

Salient Features

AI-Powered Interactions

Our AI-driven virtual assistants customize simulations, adapt content, and provide actionable insights for personalized learning experiences.

Immersive Business Intellegence

Our open API architecture facilitates seamless integration and application of any common interactions on client’s 3D assets, enabling intuitive interactions, realtime and immersive explorations.

IoT Integration

Our proprietary framework enables seamless interactions with real-world objects directly from the wireless XR headsets. Framework enables interactions into simulations, performs analysis, and provides actionable instructions back to the objects.

Augmented Reality(AR) Integrations

Our platform overlays interactions and data annotations onto physical objects, empowering real-time decision-making and task execution during maintenance activities.

Digital Transformations

Utilize our plug-and-play virtual workspaces and 3D assets for effortless remote collaboration, visualization, real-time actions, reviews, and project management across various devices

Digital Twin Integration

Provides tools to create digital replicas of physical spaces, enabling visualization and analysis of operations within a virtual environment.

Our Champions

Surya Prakash

Co-Founder and CEO      

Chandra S Dasari


Chandradhar Cherukuvada

Co-Founder and CTO      

Our Esteem Clients Testimonials

Mahankali Srinivas Rao
CEO, T-Hub, India

Deeploop Technologies has been doing very interesting work in digital transformation by combining VR/AR, AI and IoT technologies to provide cost effective solutions to multinational firms.

Dr. A.S.Ramasastri
Former Director, IDRBT

Using AR/VR, Deeploop has been creating numerous solutions for education, training, and maintenance programs. Firms benefited immensively, by offering their products and services in innovative ways abd creating competition edge.

Malay Parikh
Managing Partner, Pervoje, USA

Has incredible experience working with Deeploop Technologies in creating innovative solutions using Meta, AI and Blockchain technologies, whcih created highly efficient solutions in our operation domain.

V.K. Shanmugam
Dean Academy, Manufacturing-Excellence, TVS, India

Deeploop empowered us with insights into the potential of Meta technologies, enhancing our training and onboarding processes. Their flexibility in adapting to our evolving needs, combined with their brilliance, enabled them to swiftly develop and deliver solutions within tight timelines.

Rajeev Verma
Director, Product Development, 1Verse

At 1Verse, Deeploop demonstrated a relentless pursuit of excellence and delivered innovative solutions that transformed our platform into captivating experiences for our users. Deeploop’s unwavering dedication toward deliverables and quality was truly commendable.

Vaishnavi Kumar
Owner, Avid Training Solutions

Deeploop assisted us in creating our initial learning and gaming modules. They guided us through uncharted territories, synthesized requirements, and provided unwavering support during development. Without deeploop, adapting these innovative technologies would not have been possible.